Use this app to find your perfect foursome. Connect with current friends or find new golf partners.

Groop Golf is the only to pair you with the perfect partners, every time.

Meet Groop—think Tinder and LinkedIn had a baby on a golf course.

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Sign up, find your matches, schedule your game and meet up for fun or business. Who knows—the next person you meet may be the next connection of a lifetime!

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It’s Easy to Use—Find a Similar Skill Level Where You are FAST

Quickly set up a game in our easy-to-use database that connects you to players wherever you are. Even if you’re travelling and want to find someone near you with a comparable skill level who’s ready to play, give Groop a try and see who comes up!

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The Go-To App The Go-To App for all Your Games

Groop helps you build a team quickly by letting you see who’s available—instead of sending multiple texts to friends and trying to keep everyone up to date, Groop keeps everyone in the loop so you can save time and start playing.

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